Sunday, August 7, 2011


Dear friends at TAD, my fellows, I quit my job and damn that was a good job everybody could wish for, because I want to be 110% focus on my studying, competing gallantly with my friendly rivals, embracing the big ass challenges. Thank you people be there and to be there with me, as Jon said with me tonight, "Don't worry, we're all assless at TAD, you're among friends." Feel like home, even it's far away, physically, just superficially physically.

Sorry Linkin Park, I like your songs, but I will never, never trade this life for anything different.

(Photograph by Duong Hoang Hai Binh, best damn buddy of the world)

Jon Neimeister: One.... two.... FIVE!!!!!!
Duc Truong Huyen: three sir!
Jon Neimeister: WHAT.... is your name?
Duc Truong Huyen: It is Duc, King of HoaHung blackmarket
Jon Neimeister: WHAT!!!!... is your quest?
Duc Truong Huyen: To seek the Holy Brush
Jon Neimeister: WHAT!@#*^!*&@^#... is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
Duc Truong Huyen: What do you mean, painted swallow or drawn swallow?
Jon Neimeister: What? I... What's the differenc-AAUUUGH
Duc Truong Huyen: Hoow doow you knoow soo much aboout swoloows?
Jon Neimeister: You have to know these things when you're at TAD, ye'know.
Just another ordinary day at TAD